What to Do

Neighbouring towns and cities:
Casivieri is situated in the middle of a region packed with both famous and undiscovered Italian cultural treasures. The classic cities of Florence, Sienna, Assisi, Cortona, Gubbio and Arrezzo are all within easy reach. Lesser known destinations such as Citta di Castello, Anghiari, Monterchi and San Sepulcro have equally magnificent treasures, but don’t suffer from the same high season tourist traffic.

The area is surrounded by some truly fantastic walking country. In Italy there is no law of trespass, so you are free to roam wherever you please. As Italians prefer not to walk you will find you have the countryside largely to yourself. For a more structured walk or trek, there are guide books in the house, or a guide can be arranged to take you out for the day.

Within 30 minutes’ drive there are two golf courses and an equestrian centre. Windsurfing and sailing can be enjoyed on Lake Trasimeno, central Italy’s largest lake, which is a short drive away.

This is Italy. In every single town there will be a fantastic restaurant which boasts a specialty of some description. There is a comprehensive set of guides available at the villa, and past visitors have built up an impressive list of recommended destinations. The map above provides a summary of the best and details exactly where they are. This map can be accessed from a laptop or Ipad using the wi-fi in the villa.

Throughout the summer, most towns have some form of fiesta which will include a week long schedule of free concerts of all description. These are not to be missed. Staged in the open air, free to all, they embrace all the romance of the region. Again, in the map above you will find a host of useful links which detail calendars listing most of the cultural events. This map can be accessed from a laptop or Ipad using the wi-fi in the villa.